ASN offers three 12-week semesters each year. Each semester integrates nine subjects of online instruction, which equals 182 credit hours of instruction, and a preceptorship equaling 50 credit hours of training. A student must complete all seven semesters to obtain a degree in Nedicine. Financial aid is available to qualified applicants. Tuition is payable before the first day of each semester.

Total tuition of program, excluding: cost of books, materials, application fee, graduation fee and any other fees applicable:



Cost per month $250
Cost per Trimester $1,000
Cost per Unit $600
Application Fee $65
Registration Fee  $200
Change/Drop Fee $10
Late Registration Fee $50
Challenge Exam Fee $7,200
Diploma $25
Late Payment Charge $50
Return Check Fee $35
Official Transcript (per copy) $10
Rush Transcript (per copy) $15
Total Cost of 4-yr Program $45,000


Textbooks and Course Materials

A list of required textbooks and materials for each course will be either available through the office of the Registrar before the beginning of each program or will be announced by the instructor on the first meeting day of the course. The school does not supply the student with the books for the courses. The student is responsible for purchasing their own books and the cost ranges from approximately $500 to $800 a year, depending upon the course semester. Numerous online resources (books, articles, videos) will be available for students to access for their studies. Students are required to purchase diagnostic equipment by week one of the first enrolled semester. All students will need a stethoscope to enhance their learning and for use in preceptorships.


Dropping a term before the first day courses start entitles a student to a 100 percent tuition refund. Every student must maintain full-time status for each semester that he or she is enrolled. For a notice of Withdrawal on the first day of classes for the semester through the 5th calendar day of that semester, a refund of 50% of the applicable tuition will be granted. Registration fees are not refundable. No Refund will be granted after the 5th day of that semester. There is no refund given for continuing education courses. Exceptions are made for unusual and compelling circumstances regarding refunds to the student. The notice of withdrawal and the request for refund must be made in writing to the Registrar’s Office email. We do not allow students to contact course professors to make special arrangements.  All drops must be processed through the Office of the Registrar; please do not negotiate directly with the professor. The refund is to be paid within 45 days of withdrawal. A refund notice is to be sent to the student 30 days after the refund is made.


All candidates for admission who have been accepted into the program at American School of Nedicine are required to pay a nonrefundable registration deposit ($200 for the degree program) to reserve a position in the entering semester. The deposit is credited toward the student’s first semester tuition.

The deadline for contesting a charge on a student account is 90 days from the close of the semester in which the charge is applied or 90 days from the actual posting, whichever is later. Financial policies, like all policies of the School, are subject to change and revision by the management and/or Advisory Board of the School.