The American School of Nedicine will expose prospective students to new and innovative methods of healing in informational medicine. The American School of Nedicine is an educational institution created to train an individual to become a licensed Doctor of Ňedicine®. It is important to have competent doctors in the field of Nedicine, for this reason a thorough curriculum has been created to prepare students with a superior education.


  • A bilingual Christian online school that allows anyone seeking to professionally and legally practice as a Doctor of Ňedicine® in the 50 states to earn a degree in the specialized field of Nedicine.
  • Allow students flexibility to study at their own pace while working towards a doctorate degree.
  • The curriculum offers advanced learning skills in natural healing modalities and quantum nedicine that caters to the English and Hispanic market to ensure competence in the field.
  • A testing process is provided that promotes high standards of excellence and competence. 


  • The unique aspect of the institution is that the American School of Nedicine is the first school in the country to offer a doctorate degree program in Nedicine to English and Spanish speaking students. The American School of Nedicine sets itself apart from other schools by interrelating a conglomerate of courses into an easy and dynamic learning style. The American School of Nedicine is a rare platform for those who are interested in being at the forefront of a new and dynamic field of medicine.

Contact the Admissions Department at (203) 962-2995 for more information.

American School of Ňedicine
PO Box 105
Ansonia, CT 06401