Research Seminars

All students have the potential to learn and to do well academically. However, when content-based learning is dominant, information and knowledge are given by the teacher, leaving the students no room for exploration. All they are able to do is to receive the information and transform it into knowledge. In the context of problem-based learning, process-based learning and inquiry-based learning educationists are focusing more on the student’s ability to solve problems, how information is obtained, the process in which students learn and less on the content. This is the right way to educate students because students usually do not retain academic materials well and often can’t recall much of what they learn. However, if given an opportunity to collaborate their knowledge in a real-life milieu, students will often do better in the workplace. Research Seminars are intended to facilitate the process of transitioning from learning a singular subject independent to a conglomerate of interconnected subjects. Research is an integral part to the educational environment of ASN and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the quality of health care in the field of Nedicine; therefore emphasis for the seminars is placed on research.