Why American School of Nedicine?

Prospective students of American School of Nedicine are the early adopters, influencers and trendsetters of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).  They have grown tired of the knee-jerk reaction of substituting chemical prescriptions in lieu of the host of natural remedies available in nature – the world’s medicine chest. Our students believe in alternative solutions to restore their health and want to learn these modalities for themselves, their family and/or their community. ASN students will integrate their life experiences, professional growth and development, and career goals to learn how to improve their health with natural medicine. American School of Nedicine caters to students who have complicated schedules but want to continue their education in a flexible, anytime-anyplace learning environment.  American School of Nedicine is a national and international online institution, available to English and Spanish speaking students. Our mission is to provide an excellent education in order to create qualified, competent doctors of tomorrow.


American School of Nedicine

A Class Above the Rest