Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Neurosociology, Immunology, Lymphology, Bioinformatics, Quantum Medicine and Semiology
501 (26 credits)

Quantum Neurology and Quantum Immunology

The semester is a conglomerate of courses that are interrelated to enable the student to develop broad exposure to the clinical aspects of informational nedicine. The student will unleash the explosive quantum power of the mind to maximize health. There are two objectives to focus on in this semester: The quantum field of the nervous system and the quantum field of the immune system.

The first objective is to learn about quantum field of the nervous system and conditions that affect the nervous system. The second objective is to learn about the quantum field of the immune system and conditions that affect the immune and autoimmune system. These courses will also expose the student to quantum nutrition and dietetics in relation to the nervous system and the immune system. The student will apply their knowledge of human physiology and anatomy to functional diagnosis, patient history and examination through review of known data and research. The student is responsible for administering a treatment plan in informational nedicine.

This course covers a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of various dietary regimes, focusing on nutritional belief systems concerning food. Vegetarianism, macrobiotics, raw food, food combining, hereditary predispositions and health fads will be explored. Specific quantum dietary recommendations for immune and autoimmune deficiency syndromes will be covered. Nedicine perspectives are offered, including food-as-medicine, whole-food menu writing and health restoration and disorder prevention strategies. Clinical observation, patient and dietary history and assessment measures are included. Students begin nedical documentation practice using outpatient-based case studies.

Preceptorship Credit Hours (6)

  • Duration:12 Weeks