Gastroenterology, Urology, Pathology, Parasitology, Bacteriology, Virology, Microbiology, Natural Medicine and Semiology
Gastroenterology, Urology, Natural Medicine
502 (26 credits)

Quantum Gastroenterology and Quantum Urology

The semester is a conglomerate of courses that are interrelated to enable the student to develop broad exposure to the clinical aspects of informational medicine. The focus in this semester is on the study of the quantum field of the gastrointestinal system and the quantum field of the urinary system.

The first objective is to learn about the quantum field of the gastrointestinal system through the disorders of the stomach and intestines, the study of fungi, bacteria, and parasitic organisms. The second objective is to learn about the quantum field of the urinary system through the study of viruses and infectious agents. The student will give a functional diagnosis of the quantum field of digestive and urinary systems by using state of the art technology, research, patient history, examination, and review of known data. The student is responsible for administering a treatment plan in informational nedicine.

This course will cover thermodynamics, which encompasses a broad range of approaches and therapeutic methods that take advantage of the quantum properties of water, air, sun, weather, and the earth. The course will also cover temperature and pressure, for therapeutic purposes, to stimulate blood circulation and to destroy the quantum field of certain distortions causing pathogens. Students begin nedical documentation practice using outpatient-based case studies.

Preceptorship credit hours: 6

  • Duration:12 Weeks