Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions works with all prospective students for the Nedicine degree program.  Application and Admissions are an integral part of the services provided by the Office of Admissions.

Nedicine Degree Program

Applicants to the Nedicine doctoral program must submit obtained educational degrees with a minimum 3.0 grade-point average (GPA), the applicant’s essay, letters of recommendation, and personal interview indicating strong motivation for completing the program and suitability for training as a practitioner/scholar in the field of Nedicine.

Applicants for the doctoral program must submit the following:

• Completed application form

• Appropriate non-refundable registration fee of $265 U.S. dollars

• Two letters of recommendation, which describes the referencing person’s relationship to the applicant, the length of time acquainted and the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses

• Application essay of why do you want to attend ASN, which is well structured, legible, and meets the standards of clear, skillful academic writing. It should be typed and not more than one page in length

• Two forms of identification, one form must be a photo-identification

• A current passport-type photograph taken within ten days of this application

• Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate education must be sent by the issuing institution to:

American School of Nedicine

• Copy of all undergraduate and graduate degree certificates

• A personal interview (online or via telephone) follows after other requirements have been fulfilled. ASN’s Dean will conduct the personal interview and the Admission’s Committee will administer a final review.

* The American School of Nedicine does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in its activities, programs, or employment policies, in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws. American School of Ňedicine is committed to providing an educational environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying. Behavior that constitutes discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying will not be tolerated and will lead to action being taken, which may include dismissal.

International Students

To be eligible for enrollment at American School of Nedicine, all international student applicants must submit an application, application fee, 2 letters of recommendation, official transcripts or an evaluation sent from a foreign credential evaluation service, a copy of an official identification, and a current passport-type photograph.

Students must submit all documents (excluding transcripts) directly to the school via mail to:

American School of Nedicine
Office of the Registrar
Honolulu, Hawaii


The Office of the Registrar maintains student academic records, manages course scheduling, handles academic registration and evaluation, records grades, produces transcripts and grade reports, and provides academic advising and evaluation. Office hours of Operation for the School are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The academic year consists of three academic terms (semesters) – fall, spring and winter. Generally, the fall term is in session from September – November, the winter term runs from January – March and the spring term runs from May – July. Each semester is 12 weeks long and each week equals 1 unit. Ten hours of coursework constitutes 1 credit hour, and six hours of preceptorship constitutes 1 credit hour. There are 26 credits in a semester, which is equivalent to 260 credit hours per semester. There are 72 credit hours of a preceptorship time each semester.

Students must register for courses by submitting an application form online or via email at: The Office of the Registrar must receive the application and tuition before the student can be admitted to the School.

Registration takes place two months before the start of a semester. If a student has withdrawn from her/his program, s/he may take subsequent courses with permission from the Dean. Course change/drop forms are available online at ASN’s registration link. Courses may be changed or dropped from a student’s schedule through the change/drop period (before the first week of each semester). After the first week of the semester, all withdrawals will be noted with a “W” grade on the transcript. Once the semester has started, withdrawal requires a written request and approval from the Dean.