Our mission is to administer education at a level of excellence in the field of Nedicine to create competent, qualified doctors of tomorrow . The unique aspect of the American School of Nedicine is that it is the first Christian bi-lingual school in the country to offer a doctorate degree program in Nedicine to English and Spanish speaking students. The focus of the school will ensure that nedicine practitioners have had the proper education and abilities to be competent doctors.


Our aim is to deliver high standards of excellence and competence. Innovative learning strategies by spearheading the way for a dynamic branch of nedicine based on informational science.

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American School of Nedicine’s doctorate program is distinctive with a high level of excellence because its curriculum is highly advanced and thoroughly extensive compared to its counterparts. The American School of Nedicine curriculum follows a sequential course of study. The learning objectives were developed based on body systems, where the subjects are not taught in a bubble, but are all interrelated so the clinical aspects are applied to the theory allowing students to experience the real world in theory.

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Students will have the flexibility to study at their own pace while working towards a doctorate degree, continuously building their knowledge in nedicine integrating informational sciences and biological sciences. The purpose of the program is to enable the student to develop broad exposure to the clinical aspects of Nedicine. The curriculum is based on educational research and clinical studies to teach the following key principles: etiology, functional diagnosis, and treatment of dysmorphic bioinformation within the body field that affects the body.