What is Nedicine?

Nedicine is a branch of natural healing based on the science of information, related to the study of the cybernetic matrix of the human body. The diacritic symbol above the Ň in the title is a caron from the Czech alphabet. Diacritic in medicine means diagnostic or distinctive. The American Heritage Dictionary 4th ed., 2004. The word Ňedicine consist of the prefix Ne the symbol of the natural element Neon meaning “new”. The suffix, ine means “like”. The word is suggestive of making the body like new with informational medicine. Nedicine is a health care specialty of functional diagnostics and natural healing modalities, based on the science of energy and information. Nedicine combines the principles of Biophysics, Biology, Quantum Physics, Chinese healing methods and the latest in technology. Nedicine integrates, the sciences of bioenergetics, biology, quantum physics, biophysics, and leading edge technology. Informational medicine is related to the study of subatomic particles like photons and phonons and even smaller particles such as quarks and leptons that are the smallest particles identified.

The practice of Nedicine is focused on the use of natural substances from nature or substances that are non-narcotic; this approach has proven successful in treating both chronic and acute conditions. The focus of Nedicine is health and restoration. Informational medicine focuses on recovering the intelligence of matter by providing the instructions necessary to restore its informational system. Nedicine deals with scientific energies of matter to determine how fields of energy work in the human body. Nedicine falls into the category of biophysics because we are concerned not with metaphysics, but with physics, the physics of physiology. The human body has an energetic field that sends information around the body that governs and coordinates biochemical activities. When the body field is compromised and the transmission of information is interrupted a variety of illnesses or disorders may result. Informational medicine is able to correct the transmission of distorted information in the body. Physicians of Nedicine are trained to functionally diagnose and correct information in the cybernetic matrix of the human body. Disorders originate from a distortion in the informational web of the cybernetic matrix of the human body. The web of information can be affected by emotions, spiritual imbalance and nutritional or environmental factors that interrupt the natural frequency of each organ. Quantum technology allows us to examine the body field. Nedicine absolutely excludes inorganic drug treatment and surgery. “The physician who depends upon drug medication in his practice shows that he does not understand the delicate machinery of the human organism. He is introducing into the system a seed crop that will never lose its destroying properties throughout the lifetime.” Medical Ministry, Seeds of Death, Ellen G. White.


Dr. Beverly Jackson, has had a passion for helping others achieve and maintain the best of health through natural means, and has been counseling others on how to do so for over 30 years.  Dr. Beverly Jackson developed a love for natural healing growing up in the rainforest in Costa Rica where she began to explore and learn firsthand about the healing power of God through nature. The knowledge she gained in those formative years is the cornerstone of her foray into informational medicine.  When she earned her doctorate degree, she, like many others, was frustrated with the lack of recognition, standardization, legal regulation and protection of alternative medicine. Thus began the task of helping this immensely important health profession achieve its rightful place as a branch of healthcare available to all in the United States. Dr. Beverly Jackson was the first to see it (as per the 1st and 10th Amendment to the US Constitution) that a branch of natural medicine could be regulated on the federal level. Others wrongly assumed that the states were the only bodies with the authority to regulate a health profession.

The story begins when Dr. Beverly Jackson established the American Ňedicine Licensing Board (ANLB) in 2004 to protect the rights of professionals in the alternative medical field to allow them to practice legally throughout the 50 states. In 2010, the American Ňedicine Licensing Board, under the authority of the United States government, was granted the right to license the Doctor of Ňedicine®. Dr. Beverly Jackson, then created a new and dynamic branch of natural medicine based on the science of information in which a licensed Doctor of Ňedicine® can obtain a national health provider identification in order to accept insurance from patients. Dr. Beverly Jackson then established the American Ňedicine Board of Examiners, a review board to promote high standards of competency and to assure that the licensed professionals meet specific standards of education and to help maintain these standards through required continuing education. Dr. Beverly Jackson then established the Federal Department of Public Health to investigate and handle complaints against licensed practitioners.

Dr. Beverly Jackson felt that there was a need to have an educational institution to train individuals to practice Nedicine. Therefore, the American School of Ňedicine was developed in 2010 to educate students in Nedicine allowing them to be competent, qualified doctors of tomorrow. Dr. Beverly Jackson also saw a need to establish the American Ňedicine Accreditation Commission with the heralding of the school, to ensure standards of excellence in education for the American School of Ňedicine.

The unique aspect of the American School of Ňedicine is that this Christian school is the first in the country to offer a bilingual doctorate degree program in Nedicine to English and Spanish speaking students nationally and internationally. The American School of Ňedicine sets itself apart from other schools by offering a dynamic graduate program in informational medicine and making all subjects interrelated. The focus of the curriculum is on health and restoration of the body and not on masking diseases within the body. Since 2010, American School of Ňedicine has been gaining momentum as Doctors of Nedicine are becoming more recognized. American School of Ňedicine aims at all times to maintain the utmost level of education for its students and strives to place itself at the forefront of the healing arts.