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American School of Ňedicine
The Science
of Information
As Medicine
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Doctors of Tomorrow
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Bio-Medical Sciences
Natural Medicine

Quantum Medicine

Expert teachers

Learn the Science of Information as Medicine from doctors who will expose students to new and innovative forms of alternative medicine as a method of healing.

Video Lectures

Explore and learn healing modalities through an informative collection of video material, in addition to other coursework.


As an enrolled student, gain access to valuable resource materials from universities, private and government agencies.

Online Continuing Education Courses

Engage with an online curriculum in which students continually build their knowledge of the science of information as medicine. Click here for continuing education courses.

Classes begin January 9, 2017. Sign up today!

The American School of Nedicine will expose prospective students to new and innovative forms of alternative medicine as a method of healing. The student will learn the fundamentals of natural sciences and quantum electrodynamics, the most advanced medicine of the XXI Century. The curriculum offers advanced learning by interrelating nine subjects into a conglomerate of courses. Concurrently, students are integrating informational sciences and biological sciences into their medical knowledge.

Quantum Endocrinology / Quantum Gynecology

The student will learn the therapeutic and healing properties of plants, including their physiological properties and active constituents. Topics include differentiation of syndromes according to etiology, disease classification by symptom analysis, a study of different diagnostic methods, and the principles…

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Quantum Sociology / Quantum Psychology

The course is designed to give students a concise understanding of the interrelation of social and psychological issues and quantum electrodynamics. The student will learn how to treat emotional imbalances. Topics discussed are the nature and therapeutic use of Bach…

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Quantum Cardiology / Quantum Pneumology

The course is intended to provide the student with a working knowledge of homeopathy. The role of homeopathic medicines is to stimulate the immune system, to help in maintaining or restoring the body to a healthy balance.

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Quantum Neurology / Quantum Immunology

The first objective is to learn about neurology through diseases that affect the nervous system. The second objective is to learn immunology through immune and autoimmune diseases. This course will also expose the student to dietetics and its use in…

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Quantum Rheumatology / Quantum Dermatology

The knowledge gained will allow the student to experiment and make adjustments for personal and professional therapeutic application. This course explores the relationship between aromas and the psyche from a clinical perspective.

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Quantum Gastroenterology / Quantum Urology

The treatment in natural medicine will focus on thermodynamics, which encompasses a broad range of approaches and therapeutic methods that take advantage of the physical properties of water, air, sun, weather, and the earth…

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Quantum Neuroscience / Quantum Cognitive Psychology

The semester is a conglomerate of courses that are interrelated to enable the student to develop broad exposure to the clinical aspects of quantum medicine. There are two main objectives to focus on in this semester. The first objective is…

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  • January 9, 2017

    Courses begin – January 9, 2017

    The education at the American School of Nedicine emphasizes development of the scientific understanding of the structure and function of the matrix of the human body and the disease process balanced with a profound appreciation for, and ability to activate,…